Cooking Over Campfire
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Welcome to our  Nomadic Cookery School, offering regenerative-led food experiences across Sussex, Surrey and London

What Jacqueline and her team is doing is extraordinary and it really was the day that I didn’t know I needed." - Joanna Thomas

We advocate organic and artisan produce, and we are proud of our zero-food waste policy. Our planet needs us to understand how to cook and eat in not just a sustainable, but regenerative way. When you support our business, you are supporting the expanding global movement of regenerative agriculture. The ultimate feel-good food!

Camp Fire

Connection Through Cookery, Pasta-Making & Cocktails, Retreat Day, 20th April, Knepp Estate, Shipley


Home Cookery Lessons

Wedding Table at Night

Event Catering

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Skandi Supper Club Demo & Dine, 3rd December, Worthing


Virtual Cookery Classes


Private Dining at Home