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online mindful baking workshop

Discover the positive and powerful benefits of baking in this mindful session as you learn what’s great for your wellbeing as well as the planet!

This is a unique and relaxing baking masterclass hosted by a professional chef who’ll share with you a seasonal and sustainable delicious dessert of your choice. In this fun and engaging session, you’ll be taken through step by step instructions using healthy ingredients as you’re taught hands on cooking techniques as well as understanding the wellbeing benefits of baking with whole foods.

Cooking and baking as a form of mindfulness will allow you to unwind at home and connect with food in healthy, positive way. Whether you want to make and bake gooey beetroot brownies, apple and sultana cake or almond and orange cake, you’ll create a delicious dessert that you’ll want to make over and over! You’ll even pick up some great tips on food presentation by your expert host.

Attendees can either source their own ingredients or a gift packaged ingredient pack can be delivered ahead of your event.  

You will make one seasonal recipe, choose from the following options:

  • Gooey beetroot brownies with pink icing

  • Apple and sultana cake with cinnamon icing (Vegan)

  • Spiced banana and rye biscuits (Vegan)

  • Chocolate tiffin with nuts, oats and seeds (Gluten free)

  • Flourless almond and orange cake (Gluten free)


  • Nut butter cups with cocoa nips and sea salt (Sugar free)

What will be delivered in the box? (if applicable): 

–> Your ingredients for your chosen recipe

Materials Required At Home:

Oven, hob, knife, chopping board, frying pan, baking tray, greaseproof paper, food processor (not essential). Exact list will depend on which menu is chosen.



£16.50 pp (Minimum of 15 guests)

Price (including Recipe Box) From:


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