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Summer Solstice Fire-Cooked Feast 

Wednesday 19th June 2024


In collaboration with Blessed Yoga, Siddlesham (Please note this is an exclusive, invite only event)


Regenerative led, wild, seasonal Fire-Cooked feast by local chef & forager, Jacqueline Wise - Read more about the Chef HERE


Majority of dishes are gluten and dairy free, excellent range of vegan delights, plus dishes are free from refined sugar


Samle Menu

Harissa spiced Southdowns venison haunch (GF, DF)
Pasture fed miso chicken (GF, DF)

Gateaux Piment (Mauritian Chilli Cakes) (VG, GF)
Sticky Korean BBQ tofu with black sesame seeds (VG, GF)
Pagham caught seabass, Greek style with red onion, lemon & oregano (GF, DF)
Fire roasted sweet potato, red onion, courgette & aubergine with herby olive oil (VG, GF)
Rainbow allotment ‘slaw with sunflower seeds & sultanas (VG, GF)
Beetroot hummus with mint (VG, GF)
Five spice chickpeas with BBQ peach, raspberries, rocket & maple dressing (VG, GF)
Fresh green salad with tomato, cucumber, radish, balsamic vinegar, toasted nuts & olive oil (VG, GF)
Sourdough bread (VG)
Sweet n salty snickers tart with dates, maple, nuts & dark chocolate (VG, GF, No refined sugar)
BBQ Bananas with Montezuma dark chocolate (VG, GF, No refined sugar)


Please email with any questions, and mention any specific dietary requirements on booking


Please note this is an informal buffet style service event, featuing live fire cookery - come hungry! 


Our aim is to educate our growing audience about the importance of how we source and cook our meals, reduce food waste, improve our own mental and physical health and the health of the planet, through inspirational and energising regenerative lef food experiences and engagement with nature. 

Summer Solstice Fire-Cooked Feast

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