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Pagham, Near Chichester, West Sussex 10.45am to 2.30pm (approx.)


Tuesday 9th July 2024 


Join professional chef and forager Jacqueline Wise, for a relaxing and informative foraging walk around the village, beach and surrounding countryside. Meet for hot herbal tea and sweet treats, to be followed by a delicious, wild-inspired lunch on the beach after your foraging walk. Jacqueline will showcase the stunning flora and fauna the season has to offer, get you connecting with nature by learning to be more present through mindful techniques, show you many kinds of edible plants, share her top wild recipes and regenerative living inspiration.


Sample Menu


Nettle tea & wild seed coconut sugar flapjacks



Selsey crab & cucumber crostini with pickled samphire

Homemade plantain & mugwort soda bread with wild garlic butter

Wild pesto puff pastry tart with homegrown tomato, local goat’s cheese & roasted onion (V)

Curried sweet potato, chickpea and wild greens soup with coconut sambal (VG, GF)

Allotment salad with olives, clover & edible flowers


Fennel seed shortbread and a tot of sloe gin 


Jacqueline is passionate about the healing properties and natural nourishment that can be found in easy to recognize plants and leaves all around us. Foraging is an incredible way to slow down, rewild and reconnect with nature. She believes if you're interested in foraging, you'll want to protect your environment. We believe, as many food production practices are far from sustainable, learning ways to supplement your diet with seasonal wild goodness, collected carefully and mindfully, is a powerful force for good.


If you'd like to learn how to identify wild edibles, Jacqueline can’t wait to welcome you, as there's nothing like being shown the plants first-hand.


Please bring: Sensible footwear and clothing for walking, foraging basket/Tupperware/bag and a reusable cup for hot drinks, plate & cutlery.


Dogs and children welcome by arrangement. All dietary requirements can be catered for with advance notice. Our menus are usually mostly vegetarian.


Vouchers available and valid from 1 year of purchase, please email us to book the date, or request a bespoke printage voucher:


Experience also bookable as a private group (minimum 8 guests or, £300 spend) on a date of your choice, suitable for corporate or private groups. 


Plant Foraging Guidelines & Laws
The laws around foraging are notoriously vague and contradictory, we are in the process of putting together an online course in collaboration with Ecology Training UK to assist in this area.

  • Countryside act of 1981 is where most foraging laws come from on common land (including the foreshore) key things to remember are:
    1. Under common law you have a right to forage the four ‘F’s


The four ‘F’s counts as long as they are not a protected plant, or there are local bylaws displaying any ‘do not remove any flora’ signs. Council owned land and public footpaths are considered good places to forage. The majority of National Parks permit foraging, some with limits on certain species, check directly to be certain. It is not an offence to collect for personal use on private land, if you are technically trespassing, all the landowner can do is ask you to leave by the quickest and safest route.


  • Always be certain of the I.D of the plant. Consider picking a small amount to check before harvesting more – don’t take more than you need and then not use it either, this is considered very bad practice
    3. Never uproot any plant, this is illegal on private land
    4. Be respectful and mindful when harvesting any wild food, only take small amounts where there is abundance, if there is only a little don’t take any at all
    5. Pick carefully, slowly and precisely, avoid gathering large handfuls in case you accidently pick something harmful by accident
    6. Make sure you pick from places that haven’t been sprayed with pesticides, and away from busy roads, avoid high dog traffic corners
    7. When trying a new ingredient, especially mushrooms, just try a little first to ensure your body is happy with it
    8. Pick ingredients in their prime, again mushrooms in particular must be fresh or they can be harmful
    9. In marine areas, different restrictions apply and it is crucial to research the area
    11. Pagham is in a SSSI area and has areas in a Marine Conservation Zone, as such it is generally accepted to forage small amounts of secondary species, but not primary species unless you have permission. You can look up the exact areas on the Natural England website.

12. Please note we currently DO NOT PICK ANY GROWING WILD FOODS from the SSSI or Marine Conservation area in Pagham, we identify and educate only.

13. Positively Delicious holds Public Liability Insurance and has completed risk assessments for all its experiences.

14. When buying a ticket for an event with us, you agree that you participate at your own risk and have the appropriate ‘suitability to participate.’ Please declare any fitness, existing injuries and/or any medical conditions that may affect this in advance of the experience, so we can advise accordingly, thank you. 

09/07/24 - Foraging Walk & Beach Picnic

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  • Refunds are at the discretion of the Company Director. Please contact us at your earliest convenience should you no longer be able to attend.

  • As a new business, we want to showcase our events and so sometimes we may have a photographer/videographer at our events. We will also share them with you as a great way to remember the day.  

    We may use the photos in marketing materials including but not limited to: social media posts, invitations, magazine editorials, and websites without the expressed written permission of those included within the photograph/video.  

    To ensure the privacy of individuals, images will not be identified using full names or personal identifying information without written approval from the photographed subject.

    Anyone attending a Positively Delicious event who does not wish to have their image recorded for distribution should make their wishes known to the photographer on the day or the event organisers, and/or contact the Positively Delicious team at 

    By participating in a Positively Delicious event or by failing to notify Positively Delicious , in writing, your desire to not have your photograph used by Positively Delicious, you are agreeing to release, defend, hold harmless and indemnify Positively Delicious from any and all claims involving the use of your picture or likeness.

    Any person or organisation not affiliated with Positively Delicious may not use, copy, alter or modify Positively Delicious photographs, graphics, videography or other, similar reproductions or recordings without the advance written permission of an authorised designee from Positively Delicious.

    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

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